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Designer Hannah Rothstein Raises Traditional Hanukkah Game into ‘Dr. Dreidel’


Painter, Illustrator, Writer, Jeweler, and Up-to-No-Gooder Hannah Rothstein (her line) states on her website: “Sometimes, the best concepts are the ones with no complex reasoning behind them. Like the Dr. Dreidel. Created for its sheer hilarity and the love of puns, this laser-etched, wooden dreidel brings together two unlikely cohorts: the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and rap music.”

It’s Judah Maccabee with dreadlocks, then. And Rothstein doesn’t only sell you the dreidel, she goes ahead and teaches the simple rules of the gambling game that’s kept millions of Jews busy indoors in those winter nights while the crusaders were chasing Muslims outside. Watch out for the online version, and then see Sheldon Adelson pushing to get it banned.


“Each Dr. Dre face has been carefully chosen to correlate with the ‘aftermath’ of the dreidel’s spin, ” Rothstein explains.

ג Gimmel, ‘take all, ‘ is a dreidel player’s dream. It gets a thumbs up from a happy Dr. Dre.
ה Hay, ‘take half, ‘ is no reason to party, but isn’t too shabby, hence the mildly smug portrait or Dr. Dre.
נ Nun, ‘nothing happens, ‘ is a boring outcome. A dead-pan Dr. Dre affirms this.
ש Shin, ‘put one in, ‘ is pretty depressing; the dreidel player loses an M & M or other such playing piece. But shins are seldom a chronic problem in dreidel. Dr. Dre’s definitely overreacting.


Rothstein told Mashable that the dreidel was an “on-the-fly idea” and is not available for purchase.


But she said she’d seriously consider producing the item if interest was intense enough.


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