Israel to Demolish Home of Rabbi Glick’s Failed Assassin


Rabbi Yehuda Glick

The Jerusalem municipality on Monday delivered demolition orders for the home of Mutaz Hijazi, who was killed while attempting to assassinate Israeli Rabbi Yehuda Glick.

Rabbi Glick has been working for several years as tour guide for groups looking to visit the Temple Mount.

Uday Hijazi, Mutaz’ brother, told Ma’an that Israeli forces and municipality officials raided the home in East Jerusalem and delivered a demolition order for their three-story building, which they said was unlicensed.

According to Uday Hijazi, the family home was built before Israel took back East Jerusalem in 1967.

The family first received a demolition order last month but it was frozen by Israel’s Supreme Court pending deliberations.

Police traced Mutaz Hijazi to the mixed Arab and Jewish neighborhood of Abu Tor on October 29, 2014, where their attempts at arrest were met by gunfire, resulting in Hijazi being shot some 20 times.

Mutaz Hijazi had was a member of Islamic Jihad and served 11 years in Israeli prisons for security offenses Both Fatah and Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the failed assassination attempt.


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