Published On: Sun, Dec 14th, 2014

Facebook To Save Us From Drunk Selfies


Before long, Facebook will be able to warn you against posting your drunk selfies. Or rather, will warn you to take them down as soon as you have posted them. Bustle reports that Facebook’s face recognition technology is about to become so advanced and sophisticated that it will be able to tell whether you are drunk or sober in pictures. And of course, there is the telltale can of beer or full glass of wine.

In a Wired interview, Yann LeCunn, who is in charge of the social media site’s Artificial Intelligence lab, said Facebook will soon be able to tap your shoulder and say, “Are you sure you want your mother or boss to see this?”

Drinking and social media doesn’t pose the same physical danger as drinking and driving, but it can wreck relationships and careers. Perhaps the technology won’t stop there, but will be able to tell how many drinks we have had in a bar or how many bars we have visited.

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