Published On: Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

Paul Rosenberg and Eminem Celebrate 15 Years Together

Paul Rosenberg Eminem

Music manager Paul Rosenberg is celebrating a 15 year relationship with rapper Eminem. The two men sat down together for a special podcast to promote the recent release of the new Shady XV album where they shared reminiscences and mutual praises.

The two are both from Detroit and founded Slim Shady Records together. Rosenberg, 43, has a B.A. from Michigan State University and a law degree from the University of Detroit Mercy Law School.

On Eminem, Rosenberg said, “I think that he’s definitely one of the greatest, if not the greatest. A lot of people do different things the best. Like he’s the best at that…I don’t think anybody’s better at it than him in doing it on a level that he does it. I mean, there’s probably people who say ‘Aw nah, this guy or that guy.’ But for me, the combination of how he delivers it. The wordplay involved. The performance. I don’t see anybody that can do that.”

Rosenberg also took some of the credit for the new Shady XV.

“Well, somebody actually came up with this thing and said ‘Why don’t you get all the guys on the label to do a freestyle, ’” he said. “And everybody that’s been on the label and that to me was a little too much. Cause it would have been too many people. So, to even have this thing be 18 minute, I wanted it to be 15 minutes, but people rapped a little longer. It tends to happen. So, I was cool with it. Especially since everybody did have… how well they did. So, then I sort of took that idea and said ‘Okay, how do we make this something that will work?’”

In an interview with, Rosenberg spoke of his and Eminem’s future plans. “I don’t think our tastes are going to change that much. Because of that, I don’t think it’s going to reflect a big change on the label and a direction. But hopefully in the coming years we’ll be able to sign some new artists and get some young guys to carry things forward, ” he said.

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