Published On: Thu, Dec 4th, 2014

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Urging ‘Intelligent, Honest and Differentiated’ Policy on Russia

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Holds First Press Conference Since Prison Release

Mikhail Khodorkovsky appealed to the European Foreign Affairs Committee to take a view on Russia that is less black and white, to realize there are “sober minded” people in the Russian administration and to show support for the Russian opposition, as reported by European Parliament News.

He urged the MEPs to adopt a policy towards Russia, that is “intelligent, honest and differentiated, ” and to realize that there is a sizeable opposition that is “forced to submit to the will of a criminally corrupt minority.”

Khodorkovsky called to an end to double standards and said the Europeans should stop “forgiving Russia what you would not forgive anyone else.” At the same time, he felt a more nuanced approach to sanctions should be applied, one that penalizes those who deserve penalties and does not punish ordinary Russian citizens.

The MEPs argued that the ordinary Russians are hard to reach, since they are being “brainwashed” by the Kremlin and censored internet.

Mr. Khodorkovsky, who has state his goal to become Russia’s next president, explained that some compromises are necessary to avoid global war. MEPs objected to his statement that the Crimea, seized by Russia, should not be returned to the Ukraine.

“There is no doubt the annexation of the Crimea was illegal, but at the same time, the majority of Russian citizens were in favor of it. We have to balance respect for international law with the will of the Russian people.”


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