US House Votes to Block Nazi Retirement Benefits, Not a Minute Too Soon


nazi Social-Security-Card

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Nazi war criminals will soon be blocked from getting U.S. government retirement benefits, a unanimous House of Representatives decided on Tuesday.

The new law closes a loophole through which millions of dollars were funneled to elderly Nazis, most of whom have been forced to return to Europe (where they can better practice their Nazism—no, actually, they were kicked out, de-naturalized, for lying on their visa applications lo so many decades ago).

So, it’s official, benefits will be terminated for Nazi suspects who have lost their American citizenship.

Wait, does it mean that up until this vote, U.S. law actually endorsed sending those Nazi fellows their social security every month?

In one word: yes. U.S. law requires a final order of deportation of a Nazi guy before we cut off his benefits.

I mean, for heavens’ sake, what’s he going to live on while the court deliberates his deportation, a process that sometimes takes years? I mean, Nazi concentration camp guards have to eat, right?

Sky News cited the case of former Auschwitz guard Jakob Denzinger, who fled the United States in 1989, now lives in Croatia, and collects $1, 500 a month in Social Security. There are many like him.

The bill was introduced after an investigation that found the Justice Department was talking Nazis into leaving the U.S. without a fight, in exchange for continuing to collect their Social Security benefits.

Yes, Virginia, there are Nazi sympathizers in our Justice Dept., just like there are Hamas sympathizers in our State Dept.

Oh, the Justice Department went ahead and denied using Social Security payments as a way to get rid of Nazis quietly. But they did it, for decades. It was win win — the Jews were happy because the newspapers were reporting those Nazis leaving American shores, and the Nazis were happy because, at last, they could retire in one of those nice cottages in Bavaria.

Representative Carolyn Maloney (D NY) was an original sponsor of the bill—her district has a lot of Jews and Greeks, both groups having suffered harshly at the hands of those Nazis. “We cannot allow Social Security benefits to continue flowing to those guilty of the worst atrocities in modern history, ” she told Sky News.


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