Published On: Tue, Dec 2nd, 2014

Gill Rosenberg Is Alive and Well and Was Never Kidnapped

Gill Rosenberg

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On Monday morning, the following note was posted on the Facebook page of Canadian-Israeli Kurdish warrior Gill Rosenberg:

To those who are concerned about Gill Rosenberg’s safety. Gill is safe and she is not active on Facebook cause she has no internet access. Once she has internet access she will be updating her status. ISIS’s supporters launched a rumor on social media that she was captured in #‎Kobani which is not true, simply because Gill is at least 300 km. from Kobani. Furthermore Gill stated that she wouldn’t be active on Facebook in the coming days due to unavailability of internet access, go and read her former status and you will find out. Best regards.

Then, on Monday evening, Rosenberg herself posted:

Guys, I’m totally safe and secure. I don’t have Internet access or any communication devices with me for my safety and security. I can’t reply regularly and only happened to have a chance to log in and see these bullshit news stories. Ignore the reports I’ve been captured. Yalla, Acharai! (The last comment is borrowed from the IDF commander’s call, “Follow Me.”)

This was appended a few hours later by the following statement:

On Behalf of Gill Rosenberg – please be advised that she is safe and sound. DO NOT listen to the reports for the past few days about kidnapping. I will update you again when I hear from her. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!! Thank you.

On Monday, a Kurd named Mutlu Civiroglu published this:

Yesterday some reports spread quickly that Gill Rosenberg, a Canadian citizen of Israeli origin who joined Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) was kidnapped by ISIS.

However, Kurdish sources strongly deny such allegations and call it an ISIS propaganda. In a phone interview this morning Kobane Defense Chief Ismet Hasan said Rosenberg has never been in Kobane and it is a part of ISIS campaign against the Kurds.

Another Kurdish official in a different part of Rojava, Syrian Kurdstan, said Gill Rosenberg is safe and she met her personally yesterday.

The official who wanted to remain anonymous, because she was not authorized to speak, said Gill is safe and she wants her beloved ones not to worry about her well-being.

“If ISIS kidnapped Gill how come they are not releasing her photo? After their defeat against the YPG in Kobane, they are spreading such rumors. I was with her yesterday and she is pretty well.”

Now you know everything I do.

Rosenberg’s Facebook page is packed with well wishing notes from admirers, as well as nasty threats from some pro-ISIS folks, who are probably posting them from Mom’s basement out in Flatbush.

There was one recent post that reflected the public knowledge of Rosenberg’s troubles with the law in three different countries, over a scam to rip off elderly people. Id Aamirah wrote:

Given your verified history of deceit and extortion in the recent past, may we respectfully request some PROOF of your well-being? This may all just be your latest scam and attempt to deceive the unsuspecting and trusting public.

Now you really know everything.

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