Washington Post Columnist Richard Cohen Says Real Men Would Prevent Campus Rape



Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen seems to think that there is something wrong with the outcry over an alleged campus rape at the University of Virginia musing, “where are all the real me?”

What Cohen meant by this was where exactly are the MEN who will stand up on college campuses against all of those who are sexually assaulting or harassing women in one form or another? He has a point.

Cohen wrote his opinion piece in response to an article published in Rolling Stone Magazine which stated that psychological research has revealed that 90 percent of college rapes were committed by serial rapists.

In response to this information Cohen wrote, “So just a small percentage of college men participate in rape, and they are responsible for a large number of sexual assaults. But the small percentage of actual sexual thugs is not necessarily good news. Whatever the percentage of actual rapists must be — let’s just say 5 percent — many others must know what’s happening. Some of the other guys at the Phi Kappa Psi house that night probably knew something was going on. Apparently, none of them intervened — Jackie, don’t go upstairs!Apparently, none of them confronted Drew and offered to knock his block off.”

Explaining how exactly he knows what it means to be a real man Cohen wrote, “
I have been a columnist for many years now. I write on a variety of topics, some of them requiring prodigious amounts of research. But I have been a man all my life, and I don’t have to Google anything about that.”

The comments on rape are interesting coming from a man who has defended the confessed rapist Roman Polanski in the past. He was also himself once found by his own newspaper to have engaged in some sort of inappropriate sexual conduct with a female staffer.

This prompted Jezebel’s Anna Merlan to write, “it would also be easier to hear Cohen more distinctly if his head wasn’t jammed so frequently and so far up his own ass.”


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