South African Court Tells BDS To Stop Protests At Woolworths Stores




A South African Court has ordered BDS or the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement to stop protesting at Woolworths, according to Haaretz. The Johannesburg High Court ordered Woolworths and the Palestinian activists to meet face to face by December 10 to settle disagreements.

Woolworths has refused to meet with BDS after members of the Congress of South African students Western Cape branch put a pig’s head in the kosher section at Woolworths. Protesters began protesting against the store during the conflict between Israel and Gaza this summer and have expressed an intent to increase activities against the chain over the busy holiday season.

Woolworths says that less than once percent of its products originate in Israel and it follows all legal procedures. The protesters are from the National Coalition for Palestine and are supported by the African National Congress Youth League and other pro-Palestinian organizations. They said they would expand their boycott to include Pick n Pay and Dis-Chem.


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