David Beckham Starts Scandal in Vietnam


David Beckham facebook

British footballer David Beckham created a scandal in Vietnam over a photo taken of him in Hanoi. Beckham posted on Facebook, according to SBS. His photo showed a woman snapping a photo of him in Hanoi riding a motor scooter with a baby between her knees.

Beckham’s caption was “I’m all for fans taking pictures, but I’m not sure this is the safest way to do it.” The photo attracted 18, 000 comments, many of them expressing outrage.

Vietnamese who commented were embarrassed about the image this photo created of Vietnam. One commenter Van Deng Yeu wrote, “This is the ugly face of Vietnam.” In a Vietnamese newspaper, it was written that the woman, if caught could face various fines for her behavior.

Beckham was in Vietnam to promote a new brand of whisky.


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