Published On: Tue, Nov 11th, 2014

Eliot Spitzer Inherits $1 Million, Mom Gets $6 Million

Bernard Spitzer


Eliot Spitzer, or the “Luv Guv” as the Daily News sometimes calls him, inherited $1 million from his father Bernard’s estate after he passed away recently. A remaining $6 million goes to his surviving wife, Anne.

The former New York Governor, who was brought out of office after it was discovered that he frequented a high-class house of prostitution, received 10% of his father’s fortune. His brother Daniel, a brain surgeon and his sister Emily, a Washington D.C. attorney, received the same amount.

The remainder of the deceased real estate mogul’s fortune was left to a charitable trust in Bernard and Anne’s name. Bernard, who died at the age of 90 from complications related to Parkinson’s disease, commented before his passing, “I am mindful of  and take pride in the accomplishments of my children and the fact they are comfortably established in life, in largest manner, through their own talent and efforts, but as well, if in a smaller measure, through the contributions of their mother and mine during our lifetime. It is for these reasons, and not through any lack of love for them, that I have left a substantial portion of my estate to the trust.”

After the passing of his father, Spitzer told the Daily News, “He was an emblem of a certain generation that overcame difficulties and never complained.”

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