Published On: Sun, Nov 9th, 2014

Mark Zuckerberg’s Mandarin Was ‘Terrible’

Mark Zuckerberg Attends Mobile World Congress

Mark Zuckerberg was said to have thrilled Chinese and global audiences by giving a 30 minute speech in Mandarin. Turns out, his Chinese was “terrible” according to Isaac Stone Fish of Foreign Policy. He wrote a piece called, “Mark Zuckerberg speaks Chinese like a 7 year old.”

Fish wrote, “several news outlets claimed his Mandarin was fluent. That is incorrect… he made many grammatical errors a seven year old speaker, even with his mouth full of marbles, would not have made the tonal and grammatical errors Zuckerberg made. Learning Chinese is great fun, and very helpful to me in my career. I strongly recommend it for people who want to work in China. But it’s very time-consuming. Even if it would be encouraging, I’m not going to pretend a beginner can study Chinese for a few years and suddenly learn to speak excellent Mandarin.”

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