Published On: Wed, Nov 5th, 2014

Bedouin Fined for Sharing Video of Sheikh Dancing at Jewish Wedding

Bedouin at wedding

A Bedouin man known as “A” who shared a video of a sheikh, by the name of Sheikh al-Atrash dancing at a Jewish wedding has been slapped with condemnation, a harsh fine, and has told Channel 2 news in Israel that he fears for his life if he isn’t able to pay it.

The story began in a very ordinary way. A sheikh was, for some reason, at a Jewish wedding, and not only danced with the chosson (groom) and other wedding guests, but took the microphone and gave generous blessings to the married couple and their families. The chosson was Berale Yaakovitch, a volunteer with ZAKA (emergency response group in Israel) Somehow, a Beduoin obtained the video (are we supposed to believe a Bedouin AND a sheikh were at a Jewish wedding? No, he just found it online), and distributed it.

Sheikh al-Atrash felt disgraced because “A” shared a video of him dancing and celebrating with Jews, and as a result, “A” has been slapped with a fine of a million shekels or $312, 00 for disrespecting the sheikh. A traditional Bedouin court issued the fine against “A” who told Channel 2 news, “How can it be, for a man who commits murder, the judges impose  250, 000 shekel fine. The fine for me was as if I murdered four people. I’m in shock … it’s a clip that was online for a long time. I just shared it. I didn’t think it would cause such an uproar or my life would be in danger.”

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