4 Fast Money Picks for Wednesday: Google, NXP, Foot Locker, EWC


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The traders on CNBC’s Fast Money discussed trades for Wednesday, November 5.

Dan Nathan would buy Google at $52o. The company is currently cutting prices and expanding its offerings to compete against larger rival, Amazon in the cloud, as reported by Seekingalpha.

Steve Grasso is bullish on NXP Semiconductor. The company seems to be seeing bright spots after  the semiconductor segment sold off last month on negative news from Microchip. Management says many of its products are performing well in the backdrop of a challenging environment for semis.

Karen Finerman noted that Finish Line is down on the announcement of the retirement of the CEO, but she would be a buyer of shares.

Brian Kelley would short the iShares MSCI Canada ETF (EWC). The Bank of Canada recently warned that housing in the country is slow.


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