Ford Picks Israeli Mishor 3D’s Navigation Systems


Mishor 3D

Israel’s Mishor 3D, which develops augmented reality navigation systems for automobiles, has signed a deal for its tech with the Ford Motor Company.

Ford will pay Mishor a yet undisclosed amount to fit its navigation systems into future Ford vehicles

Founded in 2010 and located in Shefayim Israel, Mishor 3D boasts that its state of the art technology is a multi-disciplinary endeavor as it brings together specialization and skills in numerous fields including: geographical information systems (GIS), imaging, real time positioning and advanced 3D techniques. The technology could be incorporated with either in-dash navigation/ADAS/ infotainment or, alternatively, a variety of mobile devices.

The company’s flagship product is ShadowBox, which it describes as a flexible and scalable Augmented Reality rendering engine, which can be integrated into a variety of platforms such as vehicle Head Units (Infotainment), Heads Up Display (HUD) units, Smart Glasses, Wearable Displays and more.

ShadowBox allows the driver to view vital information displayed on the windshield of the vehicle. The system uses geographical information and augmented reality to present GIS data obtained from various sources. It highlights important signs and uses live precise navigation arrows displayed in real time in the driver’s line of sight to guide the driver to his destination and warn him of hazards.

The company has raised $3 million in investments to date from Bloomberg Capital and Horizon Ventures.



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