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Economic Horoscope for November: Expect One of the Worst Months Ever

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Expect major drama at the beginning of the month, when we’ll still be affected by the solar eclipse that took place at the end of October. When Mars comes to visit Capricorn and is about to meet Pluto between the 9th and the 14th, creating a T.Square aspect of Uranus in Aries.

This cardinal aspect signifies an eruption of a violent front [Ebola comes to mind], affecting world economic events.

A large scale natural disaster may also be a factor.

In any event, until the 11th We will be in a threatening and dangerous period, and all the rest of November will be one of the worst in economic terms.

A continued problematic aspect between Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo will highlight global poverty rates, financial difficulties, diminishing financial, super powers having to cope with financial difficulties as well as with weather damages causing drought and famine, a harsh winter in the northern hemisphere and a harsh summer in the southern.

Nov. 1-2: Mercury is in a positive aspect to Jupiter. It’s is good for purchases, signing contracts, starting new jobs.

Nov. 3: The Sun and Venus are in positive aspects to Pluto. Good for new financial beginnings, such as investments.

Nov. 4: Venus in Scorpio with a 150 degree aspect to Uranus in Aries, and Mars is starting a dramatic aspect with Pluto. Expect violent events to explode out of control, alongside severe natural disasters.

Nov. 12: Full square, Moon-Mars-Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Dragon’s Head in Libra scales. this aspect directly influences US economy. The days before and after the 12th will be affected as well.

Nov. 5-14: Very problematic days of a Mars and Pluto coupling, which is growing and reaching troubling heights.

Nov. 10-11, and a parallel 90 degree aspect of Uranus in Airies until the 13-14: Difficult and violent events throughout the world. A natural disaster may affect the economy on a large scale. These five days will adversely influence the economy. Mars in Capricorn, the Money House, on the US map, represents an acute financial crisis.

Nov. 6-14: Concurrently, Venus and the Sun in Scorpio cling together to Saturn, and together create a difficult aspect to Jupiter in Leo. This aspect foretells economic losses. A large entity, such as a state or a big company, may go bankrupt, causing large losses. This aspect could also mean a large scale natural disaster that will cause an enormous financial damage.

Nov 13-18: The sun in scorpion is clinging to Saturn. This aspect foretells economic depression. Extreme weather will affect the money markets. Oil reserves may be affected and create global shortages. We may see starvation or severe drought in the southeastern hemisphere, as well as fires, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters in the northwestern hemisphere.

Nov. 19-24: Mercury in scorpion is clinging to Saturn and together they have a 90 degree aspect to Jupiter in Leo. Exceptionally difficult days, A very hard aspect for the Israeli government and the economy, possibly putting in question the current coalition. There will be an impact on the labor market and on health. Perhaps this concerns a dramatic expansion of the Ebola virus. This will also influence global labor issues, and global economic difficulties in employment, inflation, and health. Concurrently, Venus in Sagittarius is in 90 degree to Neptune, which is very bad for international health, as Neptune represents Africa, and it likely means a dramatic expansion of Ebola.

Nov. 25-27: Venus in Sagittarius is doing good to Uranus. Surprises and financial turnings. But because the Sun is in a 90-degree aspect to Neptune, this is bad for infectious diseases.

Nov. 28-30: March in Capricorn in good aspect to Saturn in Scorpio, which brings on the ability to deal with long term problems, possibly economic issues that start to receive long-term treatment. However, concurrently, Mercury in Sagittarius (in a bad location) creates a negative aspect to Neptune in Pisces, bringing in fog and uncertainty in evaluating the true menace of the diseases and their consequences.

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