Published On: Tue, Oct 28th, 2014

Rob Reiner, Other Celebs, Oppose Malibu Development: Nimbyism Write Large, Baby

San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers

When it was suggested that director Rob Reiner’s backing of Measure R, a proposal residents of star-studded Malibu, California will vote on concerning whether to allow or block development, was “nimbyism” (the “not in my back yard mentality, )” Reiner responded, according to The Telegraph, “This is a hundred percent nimbyism. Everybody who lives here is concerned with their way of life. This is nimbyism writ large, baby.”

The brightest stars in Malibu have voiced their support for Measure R, which would prevent chain stores and malls from being built in the area. The largest donor in favor of the measure was former Dallas star, Victoria Principal to the tune of $100, 000. Other supporters include Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, James Cameron and Barbara Streisand.

Critics of Measure R said that blocking development will prevent less wealthy Malibu dwellers from having affordable places to shop, and would necessitate driving, which of course, would contribute to greenhouse gases. The main opponent to the measure is Steven Soboroff, President of Los Angeles Police Department and operator of Malibu’s Whole Foods. If Measure R passes, Soboroff warned their would be legal action by developers. He argued that the proposal would block building cinemas, depriving those residents who “don’t actually have movie theaters in their homes.”  Soboroff said, “This measure was written by a couple of lawyers in Rob Reiner’s living room. It is not what the people want.”

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