Are You Kidding Me? Sandra Bullock and Tom Cruise?


Sandra Bullock and Tom Cruise

According to China Topix, Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock are an item, a big item, actually, and I have no idea what to think.

If a lovely Jewish girl marries a Scientologist, is the family supposed to sit shiva or go visit the groom’s other planet? There’s never a rabbi when you need one…

Cruise and Bullock met in 2009 at the Golden Globes, China Topix says, when both were still married to other people—Katie Holmes, Jesse James.

But from the moment they met, the two kids (he’s in his fifties, she’s still 12, but very experienced) have felt a connection. The term “giddy around each other” was used to describe them.

After they both became properly divorced, they became “a natural love match.”


Bullock, a.k.a. “America’s Sweetheart, ” has always had the hots for George Clooney.

Well, join the club, sister.

But Clooney just married his Arab girlfriend, so that has to be awkward.

Tom, China Topix says, wants long-term, loving relationship. That’s good, right?

As to their respective religions: Bullock is not a Scientologist, Cruise is, who cares.

“There’s no question her son Louis and his little girl Suri would became fast friends, ” a source told China Topix.

“A match made in heaven.”

“Don’t play with matches.”



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