Published On: Mon, Oct 6th, 2014

Facebook May Add Healthcare Apps

Healthcare Apps

Soon the millions of Facebook users around the world might be Able to use the social network for their healthcare needs. The company is considering creating new apps that will let people share their symptoms and connect with others who may be suffering from the same ailments as well as health care professionals.

But is this a good thing? Facebook is already turning into Big Brother as it has all of its users’ personal information which it then markets to businesses for targeted Advertising.

The social network recently alienated many by conducting psychological experiments on its users without giving prior notice or receiving consent.

According to a report in Reuters, unnamed sources have said that Facebook execs have met with healthcare experts and that the company is creating its own research and development unit to test new health apps.

The move comes after Apple and Google have made similar ventures into healthcare.

But it will be interesting to see if people around the world will be willing to share their personal medical information with Facebook. Users clearly have reason to fear that such information will not be kept confidential.

Then there is all of the competition. People can already find medical information on line as well as any support groups just by doing a Google search. Will they bother to use any App that Facebook might develop? Also, why would people look to Facebook when thinking about healthcare?

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