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Emefcy Introducing Spiral Aerobic Biofilm Reactor for Wastewater Treatment


Emefcy, an Israeli startup known for its breakthrough waste water treatment technologies, is introducing a new product into the market, the modular Spiral Aerobic Biofilm Reactor (SABRE).

Founded in 2008, Emefcy’s offers advanced energy efficient wastewater treatment technologies for municipal and industrial plants.

The company’s advanced manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art production machinery, enabling the company to meet quality and quantity requirements of its partners and customers.

Conventional aerobic wastewater treatment is a centralized, complicated to operate and energy-intensive process. SABRE, Emefcy states, enables simple, low cost, distributed wastewater treatment, thus allowing permit compliance and on-site effluent re-use, even in small communities.

A large portion of a wastewater treatment plant’s cost is spent on energy for aeration. Emefcy says that SABRE significantly reduces the amount of energy used for aeration.

SABRE is based on a breathable membrane, which is formed as a sleeve, rolled into a spiral. Air continuously flows through the membrane sleeve and oxygen diffuses through the breathable membrane into the wastewater.

On the water side of the membrane, rich in autotrophic nitrifying bacteria, an aerobic biofilm develops. Deeper inside the water, rich in heterotrophic bacteria, an anoxic biofilm develops. The heterogenic microbial population allows the removal of organic matter and nitrogen. Nitrification by autotrophic bacteria in the layer attached to the membrane wall and de-nitrification by heterotrophic bacteria on the anoxic layer occurs simultaneously.

Eytan Levy, the company’s CEO, told Israel NewTech, “Wastewater treatment necessitates, besides removal of organic matter, also a process of nitrogen removal, which is also strictly regulated. This is a complex and costly process which often makes small wastewater treatment plants not viable. SABRE is about to change this equation. The technology provides high effluent quality, including nitrogen removal, using much reduced energy consumption, creating an economically attractive solution for small wastewater plants.”

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