Bibi, Sheldon, Doing Traif Italian Lunch after UN Assembly Speech



United Nations Hosts World Leaders For Annual General Assembly

After telling the UN General Assembly on Monday, or, rather, educating them about the strong similarities between the Hamas and ISIS (although Hamas is not known for chopping off as many heads – they prefer to execute their victims lying down on the ground), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu headed for a much deserved lunch in Midtown Manhattan, at Fresco by Scotto, accompanied by thirty, count them, 30 security guards, The NY Post reported.

The Post’s Page Six says Bibi, and his small army, attended a small lunch hosted by Las Vegas and Macao casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Only five people actually dined, but the restaurant was turned into a high security bastion against terrorism, as “every single customer at the restaurant had to go through a metal detector, ” while Netanyahu and his Israeli and American guards looked on.

Sheldon Adelson has been Netanyahu’s sugar daddy for years, and even started a daily newspaper in Israel devoted mostly to supporting the prime minister, no matter what. Adelson has invested enough in the daily, Israel Today, to push out of the way all the rest of Israel’s dailies. Mostly because he gives away the paper for free.

With this much unconditional love, Sheldon certainly deserved to have lunch with his fair haired boy when he’s in town.

“The entire block was closed, ” a source told the Post, adding, “There were even Secret Service men on the roof.”

Netanyahu had the veal chop.

If you’re a fan of kosher dining, you’d probably be better off waiting on the sidewalk with the gorillas (who are vegetarian, we’re told). The first item on the Fresco by Scotto lunch menu is their delightful meat & cheese antipasto, which adds the sin of prosciutto di parma to the mortadella, mozzarella, sweet and spicy sausage, provolone and capicola. The whole thing for $37, recommended for two or more.

OK, so now you know, the king of Israel eats traif. But really good, traif.


  1. treif… it’s not scary. Worse is that Bibi did not say anything new, Bibi uniform. And because of his words, few people take seriously

  2. I am very disappointed that Jewish Business News is sounding more like the trash sheets in the States or even worse Haaretz. You have been doing such a great service until now. Whoever wrote this should be relegated to the mailroom or at the least stay far away from killing a good thing.

  3. israelseen Hate speech? Seriously? To point out that the prime minister of Israel, after making so many statements about being Jewish and protecting Jews, can’t find a kosher restaurant in Manhattan? I have to say, your threshold for hate speech is extremely low.

  4. Justa Ju israelseen Sorry if you missed my point. If this appeared as an op-ed then no complaints from me. But every other news outlet in Israel wrote the story without snide remarks by the reporter. Just because the PM in my opinion was an insensitive and arrogant idiot for doing what he did is one thing to suggest this in a news piece is not acceptable.

  5. israelseen Justa Ju In my humble opinion, the days of distinction between reporting and commenting are long gone. I think JBN is on the money in accepting that readers know they’re not the source of the story, they saw it someplace else. So merely re-reporting it is meaningless, even annoying. They add an attitude, which is the value added that justifies them even being there.


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