Published On: Tue, Sep 30th, 2014

At 58 Adam Arkin Acts and Directs and Loves Explaining Both

Episode 210

Adam Arkin, 58, has been speaking to anyone who would listen about his two decades in showbiz, as director and actor, CCTV reported. With three Emmy nominations for acting, and an Emmy for directing, it’s clear Arkin is moving to the opposite side of the camera. Which is a pitty, because we couldn’t have enough of him as President Josiah Bartlet’s psychiatrist on The West Wing.

Arkin recently directed and starred in the finale of the second season of “Masters of Sex, ” and will be guest-starring in “The Bridge, ” that amazingly depressing Swedish-Danish TV crime drama that’s been turned into a Mexican-American thing.

About the season two finale of “Masters of Sex, ” which he directed and in which he also stars, Arkin said: “It centers around, the episode centers around, or at least my part of the story line centered around, a PR person who comes on to work with Masters and Johnson, packaging the work that they do for the American public, and around their kind of conflicted reaction to becoming household names and the compromises that have to be made.”

About “The Bridge, ” which end of its second season this week, Arkin said: “It was great. You know, going into it, I was balancing acting and directing on the two shows. All I could do was put one foot in front of the other and show up and say, ‘Who am I today?’ Because if I thought about it too far in advance, I’d have an anxiety attack. I found the best way to approach was just show up and put on the clothes they told me to put on and do my job, and it all worked out.”

We’re going to Netflix now, to watch Arkin in a rerun with Martin Sheen. It’s what we do.

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