Nigella Lawson Returns To US TV After Cocaine Confession Ban

Nigella Lawson

British TV chef Nigella Lawson is back on the set of her American cooking show “The Taste” for the first time since being served with a travel ban after admitting in court that she had taken cocaine.

According to, during the fraud trial of her two former assistants, Nigella admitted that she had used cocaine on two occasions. That got her banned from travelling to the US. Because no one in the US would go near the stuff.

The two helpers were accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from Nigella and ex-husband Charles Saatchi. She told the court she needed the cocaine to cope with the death of her first husband John Diamond and the “intimate terrorism” of her second husband, Mr Saatchi.

Holy hand grenade of Antioch, Batman – intimate terrorism? Some lawyers, I tell you, should have been poets. But no poet… Well, you get it.

So, anyway, they stole her coke money. And even though she only snorted twice, it’s still outrageous.

Nigella had planned to go on holiday to America in April, but was humiliated when they wouldn’t let her board a flight from London to Los Angeles. But that’s over now, and Nigella is now “relishing being back at work after a difficult start to the year.”

Before she left, Nigella told the Twittersphere that she was on her way to the US, with a picture of Coleman’s Mustard, Ty-Phoo teabags and Maldon Sea Salt, with the witty quip: “Stateside for a month now: essential supplies.”

No cocaine, you’ve no doubt noticed.

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