Published On: Thu, Sep 18th, 2014

Stephen Fry Turns iPhone Reviewer in His Salute to All-Things Apple


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British Comedian and author Stephen Fry waxed lyrical as usual, this time about the release of the iPhone, which he calls “The best and most beautiful mobile telecom technology has ever produced.” He insists he is not an Apple snob, “I welcome, love, revere and adore Android, Windows and any other mobile operating system, ” says Fry. He never called anyone pretentious for owning a Blackberry, but when it comes to Apple products, those who buy them are often called “sheep.” Well, his position is the popularity of Apple is not due to blind conformity, but because of the excellence and elegance of its products.

In his review, he goes through painstaking detail, describing the dimensions of this spectacular technological art form as if he were an art expert describing intricate brush strokes. “There’s a full HD video allowing for devastatingly cool 720p slowmo that will make Matrix directors of us all. At 5.5. inches the 6 plus is, to my large hands, absolutely ideal.”

He added a note to critics who might cynically assume his praise for the product and his stature earned him a free iPhone. “I’ve spent more money than I care to mention on Apple products, and I have the boxes to prove it. I’m more happy to support a company that does astonishing work.”

Okay, so on to Fry’s yichus, his mother, named Marianne Eve Fry, her maiden name was Neumann and Marianne’s parents, Martin and Rosa, emigrated to Britain in 1927. Martin and Rosa’s parents were both sent to concentration camps and most of his family on his mother’s side perished in the Holocaust.

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