Bloomberg Gives $2 Million to Female Senate Candidates


New York And New Jersey Continue To Recover From Superstorm Sandy

Blue Senate, affiliated with Emily’s List, which collects funds to support women candidates, just received $2 million from Michael Bloomberg. The former New York Mayor’s wallet has been working overtime in the run-up to this election season, and he has donated $11 million to PACS. That is only up to July, when the groups disclose their funding; he might have given even more since.

Political campaigns and candidates associated with Emily’s list have received $46 million ahead of what is expected to be a tight, tense election. The Republicans need to win only 6 seats to control the Senate for President Obama’s last 2 years in office. Funds are going to support the re-election of Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Jeanne Saheen of New Hampshire. May Landrieu is also defending her seat, but hasn’t received funds from Emily’s List. Michelle Nunn of Georgia and Alison Lundgren Grimes of Kentucky are Senate hopefuls supported by the PAC.

Emily’s List has raised $406 million since its founding 29 years ago, with a third of this amount donated since 2009. “Democratic women have been on the forefront of every major issue, and not only are Americans impressed, they are ready to send them reinforcements, ” said Stephanie Schriock, Emily’s List President. “We continue to see momentum growing for women’s leadership in this country.”


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