Published On: Tue, Sep 9th, 2014

Report: US Indirectly Supporting ISIS with Weapons and Armored Vehicles

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The much feared Islamic State army is using US military issue weapons which were captured from the “moderate” rebels in Syria, who were supplied by Saudi Arabia, according to a report by Conflict Armament Research published in London on Monday.

The U.K.-based organization tracks weapons in conflict zones. The report is titled Dispatch from the Field – Islamic State Weapons in Iraq and Syria.

The CAR report documents weapons seized by Kurdish forces from ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria over jus a 10-day period in July. It says these fighters possessed “significant quantities” of US-made small arms, including M16 assault rifles, all bearing the markings “Property of US Govt.”

The report also discovered that anti-tank rockets used by IS in Syria were “identical to M79 rockets transferred by Saudi Arabia to forces operating under the Free Syrian Army umbrella in 2013.”

At least all those weapons didn’t go to waste…

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The report does not speculate how the weapons were acquired, but in light of the complete capitulation of the Iraqi army in northern Iraq in June, it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that the jihadists were able to easily take over abandoned military arsenals, packed with US-supplied assault rifles, ammunition, and heavy weapons.

On Sunday, “moderate” rebels in northern Syria (and by moderate we refer to those chaps who cut open the chests of captured government soldiers and eat their hearts on You Tube) on Sunday were attacked by ISIS troops in Humvees and armored troop carriers supplied by the US to Iraq.

Those vehicles were taken from bases near Mosul, in northern Iraq.

property of the US 3

US jets have been bombing US made Humvees and troop carriers in northern Iraq, which had been handed over to the Iraqis during the US pullout. Some of those vehicles were purchased later by the Iraqi government.

Using these American vehicles, ISIS on Sunday successfully fought off Iraqi forces, despite their US airforce support, in the western Anbar province. US jets then attacked the ISIS troops near the Haditha dam, one of Iraq’s two most important water projects, a major target for the jihadists.

But CAR says the real concern should not be those captured vehicles, but the rifles. “A U.S. Humvee might be good for the show, for propaganda, but what’s interesting is to know with what they actually fight, ” said Damien Spleeters, a CAR field researcher. “Small arms are less sexy, but I believe they are very important.”

Spleeters and a colleague entered Syria in July to track down these small arms, to examine stockpiles seized from ISIS by rival groups. It was the first time independent experts have been able to document the ISIS weapons.

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