Published On: Mon, Sep 8th, 2014

More Isis Confusion, This Time in Cyprus

The Isis clinic in Nicosia

Not everyone has forgotten that Isis originally stood for an Egyptian fertility goddess and not a radical Islamic group who beheads everyone who disagrees with them. In Cyprus, a fertility organization in Nicosia has not received the kind of confused hate mail other organizations named Isis have received, and have no plans on changing its name. A representative said, “We haven’t received any threats or hateful comments. We are named after the goddess of fertility, which is appropriate, since we are a fertility clinic. Re-naming is not in our future.”

Others, however, were targets of misguided angry e-mailers, such as a U.S. mobile payment company and a rock group by that name. People felt threatened by the band’s logo and t-shirts, and the group had to rename its Facebook page to “Isis, the band” to clear up confusion.

A London retailer chose a bad time to release a line of bras called “Isis” and had to apologize for the “unfortunate timing …we in no way condone any terrorism or violence.”

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