Published On: Sun, Sep 7th, 2014

Israelis Design New Device to Find your Glasses


A pair of Israelis have teamed up to develop and market a new device that promises to make sure that no one ever loses their glasses again called LOOK.

We all know how annoying it is to have to look around the house for something small like your glasses or cell phone. You remember where you saw it last, but it’s just not there, and when you finally do find the thing you just don’t understand why the search took so long.

LOOK is basically a 1.5 inch long smart clip that attaches to any standard arm on a pair of glasses and which is operated by an app via Bluetooth. It gives off a beep at the press of a button and was designed by Israel based Dafna Ariely. It weighs less than 20 grams and has a range of up to fifty feet.

Ariely, the company’s CEO, teamed with fellow Israeli Shmuel Gan, its CTO, to design the device.

The company’s tag line is: “The first practical tracking solution for the one thing you just can’t stand to lose – Your Glasses!”

It’s not very catchy, nor is it entirely accurate. People also can’t stand it when they waist time looking around the house for their keys, home or car, at the last minute when they are ready to leave and are in a rush. Then there are cell phones which, after wasting more than twenty minutes, you finally give up and call it from another phone.

Look is looking to raise $50, 000 on the crowdfunding website So far it has brought in $1, 155 from 16 backers.

Ariely explained how she came to design the device to England’s The Daily Mail:

“The idea for Look came about when I couldn’t find my own reading glasses. After all the time I spent and the long, frustrating experience of searching, I thought that if I had something to help me find my glasses, I could have avoided all the pressure and loss of time I experienced.
When I didn’t find a product like this on the market, I decided to do it myself.”

LOOK is available in 4 different designs and 5 different colors, including red White, Brown, Silver and black.

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