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30% of Israelis Would Leave if They Could

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In the past two weeks, since the end of Operation Protective Edge, leaving Israel has again become a main topic of discussion. TV Channel 2’s commissioned a special survey to find out how many people are really considering emigration.

30%, almost one third, of the respondents said that they would seriously considering leaving Israel if an opportunity to do so arose. 56% said that they would not leave even if the opportunity presented itself.

As for the stigma that in the past attached to those who chose to leave the country, only 36% of respondents in the current survey said they viewed emigrants negatively. The rest said they viewed emigration positively, or that they were indifferent to other people’s decisions to leave Israel.

“I came to the conclusion that I simply couldn’t take it any more, ” explained Elad, who moved to Munich. “I can’t explain it, but in Israel there’s a feeling… I wouldn’t say that there’s no future, but that there’s pressure, severe pressure all the time, wherever it comes from – rockets, taxes, the atmosphere in the streets, the overdraft at the bank. One day I just said to myself that I’d like something else.”

Three years after the summer of social protest, that ended with yet another committee, these are the results: more and more people feeling hopeless about housing and disappointed by their earning power, at the age between university and starting a family, take out a foreign passport and leave for other options.

“I’m a social worker. I’m fed up of being financed by my parents at the age of 27, but it’s not just that. I want to be a family and relationship therapist, and that’s something that I will succeed in doing more quickly here, and, amazingly enough, for less money, than I could do in Israel, ” said Alon Aviram, who moved to London.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ArieShoshone

    September 7, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    Did you even read the so-called poll? 

    You shamelessly follow the writings of an ADMITTED Jew hater – schocken without question. 

    You promote an openly flawed poll ALLEGING 30% of Israelis would leave “IF they were offered a special opportunity.” The question itself in the poll begs the question of its legitimacy. What is a special opportunity: family? Money? Travel? Criminality? Leeching? The poll refuses to mention the numbers questioned; who the polled audience; there is no mention of a margin of error – THE indicator of a ‘poll’ that never was!!! Additionally, again buried deep inside the article, are comments by THREE polled that they will leave because “the State refuses to provide free apartments;” “I have to pay taxes;” “I don’t want my parents to subsidize me. The State has that obligation.” Sound familiar?? The haaretz version of “occupy wall street” of “what’s mine is mine what’s your’s is mine.”
    And again buried in the article – the following comment: “Israeli emigration hit a low in 2010, the last year for which numbers are available on Israelis who had not returned for more than a year. The emigration rate from Israel is considered low compared to that in other developed Western countries, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development”
    Perhaps you should READ what you promote before ou attack the Jewish State. Or are you coming out as yet another schocken subsidiary devoted to the eradication of Judaism?

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