Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Getting Married after Five Years’ Engagement


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It’s not exactly news that actor/director Liev Schrieber and long-time (by showbiz standards) girlfriend Naomi Watts, star of a controversial biopic about Princess Diana, have not been in a rush to get married. The couple have been together for nine years, have two sons and have been engaged for five years. There were rumors of a wedding in 2008 that have never panned out, and while friends say they have had their “ups and downs” (who doesn’t?), the couple have fallen back in love, reportedly brought closer by Naomi’s disappointment over the neglect by the Oscars over her tour de force Diana role.

While some unhappy couples stay together for the kids, this apparently happy couple are going to marry for the kids. Sources say that their two sons request that the couple marry, and the wedding will be a small, intimate affair with their two sons as prominent guests. Word has it that they are getting married close to the holidays.


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