Gene Simmons Sued for Doing Injury to Funk


Kiss Perform At Grand Prix In Melbourne

Security guard Timothy Funk is suing Gene Simmons after Funk fell on the “slippery, waxy, glassy” stage. The surface had become unsafe because members of KISS were spraying water from hoses onto the crowd “on the stage, the area around the stage, and on some of the crowd.” The band was also spraying confetti in “a foolish and reckless manner, ” said Funk (Fancy anything reckless and foolish going on at a KISS concert).

The concert took place in 2012 in Noblesville, Indiana at the Klipsch Music Center. Funk is suing Simmons in addition to the concert company Live Nation World Wide. He wants to be compensated for injuries, lost wages and other damages.

KISS has recently completed its summer tour, and is scheduled to perform in Las Vegas, playing 9 shows at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel and casino between November 5th and the 23rd.


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