Published On: Thu, Aug 28th, 2014

Max Levchin’s Glow App Gets Thousands of Women Pregnant

Max Levchin's Glow App Gets Thousands of Women Pregnant

Since its launch, the app Glow, developed by Max Levchin, has helped an estimated 25, 000 women get pregnant. The founder of Paypal developed the app to help women track their cycles to find optimal times to conceive, but the app is not limited to women who want to have babies.

Amid the grateful messages and photos of newborns, the app developers want to broaden the focus of Glow to deal with women’s health in general. Many of the current Glow users are not just women who want to conceive, but want to keep track of their cycles and want to stay informed about women’s health generally, including issues such as regular gynecological screening and dealing with endometriosis.

With the number of users not trying to conceive, Glow can get more  input from a larger group of women and improve the information and services it provides. Also launched was Glow Nurture, an app that helps women throughout their pregnancies. The Glow and Glow Nurture apps may not be a replacement for medical research, but may impact the way many view women’s health.

(The woman in the picture above is featured in Mary’s Story, on the Glow blog)

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