Published On: Sat, Aug 23rd, 2014

Ginger Software Lets Everyone in the World Communicate in English


Israeli startup Ginger, which develops software solutions, has announced the launch of a new app for students.

Ginger declares that its mission is to remove language barriers between all types of people by enabling everyone in the world to communicate in a native level English.

In June, the company launched Ginger Page, its English writing enhancement app, available for download on several platforms, including iPhone, Android phones, tablets and Kindle.

Ginger Page is a comprehensive English writing application that provides all the tools needed to compose high-quality English text everywhere one might write. This is accomplished by providing live rephrasing and proofreading capabilities and also offering quick access to important complementary writing tools like contextual synonyms, translations and definitions.

Ginger provides added value through its contextually-aware capabilities and the fact that it adapts itself to its users, learning their writing style/habits and changing corrections and suggestions to accommodate.

The company boasts that its products, “reduce the stress associated with writing by ensuring grammatically prefect, typo free text bursting with expression and meaning.” The software offers users a grammar check, options for rephrasing sentences, translations from 40 different languages, a dictionary, a text reader, and a “personal trainer” to help users improve their English.

The Ginger Proofreader is a free spelling and grammar check that can be used with MS-Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, IE, Firefox and Chrome.

The new app, to be called Ginger Student, is simply put a new version of its writing coaching app aimed at students.

It will be available as a desktop app and browser extension, as well as offer a more affordable pricing tier for students.

“We expect Ginger Student to be very popular among students this fall as it offers a number of unique features — such as contextual awareness, advanced proofreader and real-time corrections – that are critical to writing grammatically correct college-level essays, ” said Ginger Software chief executive Maoz Shacht in a statement..

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