Published On: Wed, Aug 20th, 2014

Colt’s Coach Jim Irsay Wants Delay in DUI Court Date

Jim Irsay

The season hasn’t even begun, and already Indianapolis Colt’s coach is getting tackled. It wasn’t enough that running back Vick Ballard was injured in an almost freak accident during training, damaging his Achilles Heel, but Irsay’s court date for his charge of driving while intoxicated may disrupt training and the season. Irsay was arrested in March and charged with drunk driving, and he is set to to go trial on August 28, but Irsay’s attorneys are trying to get the court date pushed off to a later date.

It appears his request may be honored, because a representative for the prosecution, Andre Miksha, said “We were contacted and posed no objection to the request.”

Many might protest that while players can get suspended for such charges, Irsay asks to have his trial put off. Then again, others may argue that since he is the coach, and any penalty Irsay might have to pay is likely to come in the middle of the season, fans and players will be penalized for something they didn’t do. Whatever one thinks of the request for a delay, it is clear that Irsay is clearly having a tough time.

Jim Irsay’s mother was Catholic, but his father was of Hungarian-Jewish extraction. Apparently, he wasn’t told about his Jewish roots until he was nearly a teenager. So give him a L’chaim (but make it root beer and give him a ride home).

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