Published On: Tue, Aug 19th, 2014

VOCCA Voice Activates your Light Bulb


New Israeli startup VOCCA promises to transform any simple light bulb into a voice activated one. While this may sound like the old Clapper device from the 80s which let people turn their lights on and off with the clap of a hand, it is actually much more advanced than that.

Anyone can install VOCCA. It requires no Wi-Fi, no hub and no configuration. Your regular light switch still works when VOCCA is connected. It is merely an adapter that one places between the light socket and the light bulb.

It is based on voice recognition technology from Sensory Inc., the world’s leading voice recognition technology company, and uses TobyRich Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) app design.

There is also a VOCCA app that allows users to customize their VOCCA Pro, with a built in fail-safe system. People can create their own triggers, set VOCCA to automatically switch on when they want to wake up, or turn off at bedtime, and to manually control VOCCA from a phone.

The company is currently raising funds through a Kicjstarter campaign. While it had set its goal at only $40, 000, Vocca has already brought in $65, 687 from 862 backers and they still have more than a moth to go in their campaign.

Investors will be rewarded with gifts ranging from a T shirt to VOCCA kits. $111 will get you a pro 3 pack, and $219 will get you a 6 pack.

The funds raised will be used to move forward with full production of the device, which is expected to begin in October.

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