Israeli Wi-Charge Juices your Mobile Devices Wirelessly


Israeli startup Wi-Charge uses the power of light to charge mobile devices wirelessly. One charging hot-spot powers multiple devices simultaneously, without limiting their use or mobility.

Everyone knows how annoying it is when your smartphone or tablet runs out of power. The more that you use a device the more frequently you need to recharge it and there is not always an available outlet within reach of your power cord. Wi-Charge solves this problem.

Wi-Charge declares that its proprietary Distributed Resonator technology for the wireless transmission of energy is a fundamental technology that has numerous applications in a range of business sectors. It generates a special type of beam that does not suffer from either of the two critical limitations that have prevented such technology from succeeding in the past: unsafe beams that emit radiation and the need for the receiving device to be in a direct line with the power source.

The company says that the technology is perfectly safe, has no danger of radioactive emissions and operates just like wireless internet connections.

It only takes 1-2 hours a day to charge most users’ mobile devices so that they will run continually and without interruption. The devices will be able to charge automatically without any need for the user to actually do anything. From the user standpoint, the device is completely self-sustained, and acts as if it has an endless battery.

Wi-Charge declares its mission to be to provide remote wireless charging as widespread as WiFi in public spaces, offices and homes and to, “render mobile devices self-sufficient and free the users of the burden of frequent charging.” The company envisions that within ten years there will be wireless charging hotspots in homes, offices, coffee shops, airports, and other public places, where mobile devices will seamlessly self-charge.

It hopes to someday replace the need for any power cords in household appliances.

The company was founded in 2010 by Ortal Alpert, its chief technology officer and Ori Mor, its VP of research and development. developed the core technology of the system.

Wi-Charge’s investors include Terra Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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