Lenny Kravitz Struts Sex


Lenny-Kravitz-and-actress-Lisa-Bonet-and-their-doughter-Zoe-Getty 640x640

Lenny Kravitz’s premiere song “Sex” from “Strut, ” his first album since the 2011 hit collection “Black and White America” goes online. The album “Strut” is scheduled for release September 23, and a world tour will follow in October, with its first performance set for Moscow. Kravitz commented on “Strut”, “This record brought me back to the place of what I love so much in music …it’s a real rock n’ roll record. It’s raw, it’s got soul and it came together really quickly.”

Kravitz won the Grammy award for Best Male Rock Performance between 1999-2002, the most consecutive wins in a row. His eclectic, retro style has elements for R&B, funk, psychedelic and folk. His mother, actress Roxie Rocker, is best-known for her portrayal of Helen Willis in the popular 70s sitcom “The Jeffersons, ” and his father was Sy Kravtiz, an NBC television news producer from Russian Jewish ancestry. His father was also a jazz promoter, and was personally acquainted with jazz greats Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and many ┬ámore. Concerning his ancestry, Kravitz has said, “I’m half Jewish, I’m half black, I look in-between.”


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