Published On: Wed, Jul 30th, 2014

Bloomberg’s Bossy Bans Aside, More Americans Avoid Soda

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Many New Yorkers balked when then-mayor Michael Bloomberg attempted to regulate the size of sugary sodas, and even as he and successor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to ban the fizzy drinks have failed in court, more Americans are shunning these beverages on their own volition. The proposed regulation to prohibit the sale of super-size sugary sodas over 16 ounces was struck down by the New York Supreme Court, but it did express a sentiment that is becoming more commonplace to avoid the beverages, which are thought to be the main culprit of growing obesity rates in America are related to other health problems. Diet drinks are not much better, in the eyes of many, since artificial sweeteners can be as problematic as sugar.

A poll showed that 63% of Americans avoid soda, up from 41% in 2002. Sugar is shunned by 52% of Americans compared to 43% in 2002. The trend away from sugary carbonated beverages is confirmed by the lackluster performance of Coca-Cola in its recent earnings report, where it showed declining sales. Wall Street analysts have indicated that Coca-Cola may see a long-term decline, as opposed to PepsiCo, which has the advantage of diversification into snacks.

Even as many found Bloomberg’s regulations too bossy, people across the U.S. avoid Coke and Pepsi, as long as it is their own decision.

More recently, Bloomberg founded the organization Everytown Gun Safety, is using $50 million of his own money to fight for stricter gun control laws and is pressuring legislators to restrict the sale of guns for those who have been charged with domestic abuse and stalking. The Senate Judiciary Committee is is considering the “next steps” in the Violence Against Women Act, introduced by Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn).

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