Published On: Fri, Jul 25th, 2014

Wanna’ Meet the Twitter who Makes Jerry Seinfeld Laugh?


At the end of a USA Today interview, Jerry Seinfeld was asked: You’re pretty active on Twitter. Can you recommend someone you enjoy following?

His answer: “I really like a guy who produces a sports talk radio show in New York called Boomer & Carton. His Twitter handle is @alsboringtweets. I think he’s just about the best tweet artist. He’s just a regular guy, but he talks about regular things in a way that, to me, is what tweeting should be.”

The guy is “Boomer & Carton” producer Al Dukes, whom Seinfeld knows personally, and was probably just trying to send some readers his way.

Nice to be connected.

CBS NY went and got a few of Al Hughes Dukes @Alsboringtweets, just so we’ll know:

How about people that close the lid in a Port-A-Potty? Now I have to touch the toilet lid to use it?

You can get out of most conversations by saying ‘huh, small world’ and walking away.

People always love to tell you how great their hometown is…even though they left it to move somewhere else.

I love the Great Indoors.

We never truly know what our butts look like.

Yes, you figured it it by now: Seinfeld likes this guy, because this guy is channeling Seinfeld. And not the new, introspective, drive around in car and sound important Seinfeld, but vintage Seinfeld, circa 1985.

Thought you’d like to know.

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