Israeli Aeronautics Advanced Drone Also Self Destructs

Orbiter 2B


Aeronautics, an Israeli company, is unveiling  an upgrade of its unmanned air system (UAS), the Orbiter 2. The newest version, called the Orbiter 2B, has the same external appearance, but on the inside, the drone is entirely updated and digitized for greater effectiveness and security. Avionics, datalink, navigation and mission security have all been improved substantially in the Orbiter 2B. The surveillance systems are more advanced and the cameras are weather resistant.

One new feature is the self-destruct mode if the drone should be thrown out of its expected path. The necessity of this self-destruct mode is to prevent the enemy from retrieving information from a downed drone. The Orbiter 2B can complete a mission without GPS or datalink, which ensures its functioning if there is a jamming or GPS spoofing, which sometimes occurs in contemporary warfare. In addition, the new drone can be controlled from moving sources, whereas in the past, ground control was required to be stationary. This gives ground control greater  flexibility and the opportunity to move around for more effective monitoring.



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