Sacha Baron Cohen, Penelope Cruz, in Black Ops Comedy ‘Grimsby’


Sacha Baron Cohen plays an English soccer hooligan, not the intelligent kind.

idle and cohen

Penelope Cruz and Sacha Baron Cohen will star in the new Sony comedy Grimsby. Cruz was most recently seen in Fox’s “The Counselor.”

Rebel Wilson and Mark Strong are also in it.

Baron Cohen and Phil Johnston wrote the story, the screenplay is by Baron Cohen, Johnston and Peter Baynham. Louis Leterrier will direct.

Python star Eric Idle broke the news July 4, in a tweet that read: “So who did I bump into on my walk today but my LA neighbour? He’s here filming. I love coincidence.”

The film deals with a British black ops spy, played by Strong, who’s forced to team up with his English soccer hooligan brother, played by Baron Cohen.

Baron Cohen, Nira Park, Johnston, Baynham, Louise Rosner, Todd Schulman, James Biddle, Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan, Ant Hines and Adam McKay are exec producing.

Grimsby will be released July 31, 2015.


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