Published On: Tue, Jul 8th, 2014

First Licensing Deals for Technion Stem Cell Company

Several months ago, Accellta granted a similar license to Japanese nutrition and health giant, Ajinomoto. 


Stem cell company Accellta this month announced that it granted worldwide, non-exclusive rights to Miltenyi Biotec, to use one of Accelta’s patents in manufacturing and commercialization of Miltenyi Biotec’s proprietary medium for stem cell cultivation. Miltenyi Biotec is active worldwide and is one of the innovative leaders in products, services and clinical applications for biomedical research and cell therapy.

Several months ago, Accellta granted a similar license to Japanese nutrition and health giant, Ajinomoto. The non-exclusive license includes manufacturing and marketing rights of the medium in Japan, for both research and commercial applications. Ajinomoto has operations in 26 countries and encompasses a wide range of food and nutrition products, amino acids, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, with annual revenues exceeding $11 billion.

Accellta offers a range of revolutionary solutions for better affordability and quality of stem cell culturing and for developing disease models. The company was established in November 2012 by the Technion and AMIT (the Alfred Mann Institute at the Technion); its unique solutions are the result of over 15 years of pioneering research and development at the Stem Cell Center in the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology.

“The licensing deals leverage Accellta’s intellectual property and allow us to offer our unique solutions to stem cell scientists and researchers worldwide, the number of which is estimated at over 100, 000”, says Accellta Chairman, Dr. Zeev Gilkis, “We believe these deals pave the way for more collaborations with the biomedical industry”.


Since it was established, Accellta invested in creating strategic business collaborations and building physical infrastructure for clinical grade cell manufacturing. Recently it completed the construction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which will be used for industrial scale manufacturing of clinical-grade stem cells. The complex, which will serve the emerging regenerative therapy industry, is located in Haifa, Israel and includes 550 sqm of clean rooms, QC laboratories, R&D laboratories and offices.

According to Dr. Michal Amit, one of the world pioneers in stem cell research and Accellta’s R&D manager “The new manufacturing facility, together with Accellta’s innovative solutions, allow both stem cell companies and research labs to culture higher quality cells in a faster, more uniform, and much more cost-effective manner”.

Among Accellta’s proprietary solutions: MAXELLS- a proprietary technology for cost-effective industrialization of stem cell manufacturing. Maxells uses suspension culturing and delivers unparalleled scalability and quality; SINGLES- a breakthrough technology for simple and effective culturing of stem cells as single-cells in suspension, which serves as a platform for genetic manipulation and provides enhanced uniformity and purity. In addition Accellta markets several stem cell lines and unique feeder cells.

Nowadays Accellta is focused on creating strategic partnerships with Biopharma companies and Stem Cell companies for developing economic manufacturing processes for cell products and for developing model systems for new drug screening and testing. In the future the company will also enter the market of regenerative medicine and develop therapies for currently incurable diseases.


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