Dr Joshua Switkes – Pioneering the new era of the driverless truck


Dr Switkes’s company,  Peloton Technology,  has already put two massive trucks through rigorous test in Texas, where they travelled thousands of miles with a tablet computer in partial control.


Joshua Switkes -Peloton Technology- PR


Dr Joshua Switkes, CEO of SiliconValley based  Peloton Technology has long been recognized as among the leading pioneers in automated driving.

In the last year, Dr Switzkes, has been putting his many years of experience into practice, with Peloton completing  a  series of tests for his project through the Lone Star state of  Texas in conjunction  with the US Department of Energy. During the tests, the two specially converted trucks that he had at his disposal  covered a gruelling  6, 000-miles (10, 000 km) returning without a scrape.

To date Dr. Switkes has put the  trucks and his theories through their paces extensively, having covered a total of  15, 000 miles (24, 000 kilometers) to extensively test what he, as well as  many people in the heavy goods haulage industry, believe is the future of the industry.

While the specter of the driverless truck may be far off in the future, or even feasible at all,  Dr. Switkes and his staff  at Peloton Technology have already succeeded in proving that both the  speed and braking  capabilities of even the largest trucks, under certain circumstances, can be controlled by a computer, with the goal of saving fuel costs and improving safety.

Those wishing to understand the  principle behind Dr.  Joshua Switkes’s  technology need look no further than the name of the company that he founded, Peloton Technology, although it would be handy to have a French dictionary within easy reach.

The word “Peloton” or the practice of “Peloting” is an exercise used  by cyclists throughout the World, especially those taking part in major racing events such as the Tour de France, in which  the riders tend to cluster together in a tight pack, which  cuts wind resistance for the riders in the pack, especially those behind the pack leader, thanks to a decrease in turbulence  brining with it improved aerodynamics.


Dr Joshua Switkes- Pioneering the  new era of the driverless truck



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