Published On: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014

Harold Tillman wants to get back on the UK High Street – and this time around he won’t be letting the bugs bite

Tillman, who , on and off, has been a key figure on the men’s fashion scene since the swinging sixties- is making yet another re-entry- this time with a range of mosquito proof clothing.

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Harold Tillman, who sprang onto the UK fashion scene as a very young man at the height of the fashion craze of swinging London has known his fair share of ups and downs since then.

Undoubtedly the biggest donor of Tillman’s checkered career was when he lost control of the men’s club level fashion chains Aquascutum and Jaeger  which he himself had rescued from the verge of bankruptcy, after he came out second in a bitter power struggle with his bankers.

Now just two years later the irrepressible Harold Tillman is back and this time with a whole new slant on clothing, to not only make the wearer look good, but also to protect them from the scourge of mosquito bites and the malaria which it can bring.

Admittedly, you won’t find too many mosquitoes in the UK, with the temperature and climate alone, not been particularly conducive to their health.

However, Tillman has reportedly made no plans to market his new mosquito proof concept in Great Britain, instead his new range of clothing as well as the mosquito nets he will also be producing will be marketed in sunnier climates where the mosquito can be a national hazard.

What is for sure is that Harold Tillman’s range of clothing, with design details still not forthcoming, looks like being revolutionary, with the treatment process being applied in two stages.

First of all, will be embedded with Sil2U, developed through nanotechnology in which tiny porous silica particles with microscopically minute holes that are being filled with a variety of biological agents. Not even the most intrepid of mosquitoes can penetrate the fabric, meaning that the wearer’s skin will be totally predicted, or at least the parts that have been covered in some way or another.

And other major plus with Sil2U is that once it has been applied to a fabric, either during production or through spraying on the cloth, clothes can be put through the washing machine an almost unlimited number of times before the repellent begins to lose its effect.


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