Steven Spielberg Asks $24.5 Million For His East Hampton Home


Multiple Oscar winning and beloved film director Steven Spielberg is selling an East Hampton property.

Located on the far eastern end of Long Island, the Hamptons are a group of towns long known as a hideaway for the extremely wealthy. Very rich New Yorkers began to build summer retreats there a long time ago to get away from the hot and humid New York City. Today, many a celebrity and entrepreneur from around the world has been know to buy or build a mansion there.

The world famous and versatile three time Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg is no exception. Now he is selling a property there which he invested in just six years ago.

Located at 94 Apaquogue Road in East Hampton Long Island, the property was bought for $20 million in 2008 and is now listed at $24.5 million. The pond front asset held a modest traditional home built in 1900 that was considered a “teardown” when Mr. Spielberg bought it.

Spielberg did in fact tear the old home down. But he never got around to replacing it with anything new and so now the lot is empty.


The would be estate for a wealthy person looking to build a new home or investor looking to eventually flip the property is spread out over 3.2 acres of land. A developer could easily build a mansion with room for a swimming pool, tennis courts and/or other amenities.

The famed director owns two other properties in the area.

With an estimated net worth of $3.4 billion, Steven Spielberg is in no danger of becoming homeless any time soon. In fact, he owns quite a few homes.

Most notably is his 145, 860 square foot estate in Pacific Palisades California, in the Santa Monica Mountains. Spielberg recently added a vineyard to the property. Then there is his home in Naples, Florida, his New York City apartment and a house that he actually uses in East Hampton New York.



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