Published On: Sat, Mar 29th, 2014

A New Survey Will Analyze Positive And Negative Effects Of Cannabis Therapy


A New Survey Will Analyze Positive And Negative Effects Of Cannabis Therapy

Israel is one of the most open-minded Countries to the use of medicinal cannabis, as well as being in favor to support and conduct many important studies on marijuana. Moreover, among Israeli people there is the largest number of patients who use cannabis – in 2013 it increased by 30 percent – and the Country is one of the first in the world to have allowed the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes, even if today there are only few doctors who prescribe it. Furthermore it was an Israeli researcher who identified the active component in cannabis (THC) for the first time.

A new survey carried out by Israeli National Institute for Health Policy Research, which is still underway, would explain all the positive and negative effects of medical marijuana in thousands of patients over a two-year period. The aim of the study is to understand every aspect that researchers do not know yet about cannabis.

Up to now many studies have achieved important and positive results about medical therapy by means of marijuana or cannabis-based pharmaceutical products. For example, it has beneficial effects on spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis and in many psychiatric symptoms and diseases, such as sleep, anxiety, or bipolar disorders. Cannabis is used also for its analgesic properties  to treat migraine headaches, pain in rheumatoid arthritis and so on.

Professor Pesach Schwartzman, who is directing the new research, would like to clarify the unknown features of treatments with marijuana, such as what happens to people who begin the therapy and the reasons why some patients interrupt it; or the potential for addiction and how marijuana acts in mental illness patients.

If Israeli institutions are operating to improve the use of therapeutic marijuana, some other patients all over the world are still fighting to achieve the permission to begin cannabis therapy and some of them move from their Country to others in which therapy with medical marijuana is secured. Maybe someday all the institutions around the world will understand the value and potential of this natural substance, thanks to this study too.

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