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Horoscope For February 2014 : Continued Economic Turbulence Ahead

Pnina Katz HOROSCOPEIf you thought January was a dramatic month February intensifies the experience.

Economic difficulties continue in the workplace in the US and with President Obama’s recovery program. However, people who stand up for themselves, and their principles, will do better.

Mercury begins its withdrawal period. The retreat begins in early phase of Pisces from the 6th to the 28th of February, but its influence will be felt from the beginning of February on, covering these issues in particular:

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– External; danger from floods, maritime disasters, hurricanes and cyclones will increase.

–  At home: explosions and failures of pipe fittings and other items related to water systems and drainage gutters; breakdowns of air conditioners, washing machines; electric boilers, heaters; fuel sources for vehicles and even drowning.

–  All of the above, plus the these days usual denial of service attacks on computers, servers, satellites and communication devices. Automobiles keep on breaking down too. All kinds of markedly worsening patterns of accidents, traffic jams, delays and errors in communication. Everybody starts to make embarrassing blunders at times; pay careful attention to editing your work to protect it from critical mistakes.

February 1st to February 5th – time of confusion and blurred boundaries. Period of moderate chaos with the pre-withdrawal of Mercury. Be advised to refrain from signing contracts, starting on new projects and important deals, big and expensive acquisitions or partnerships.

February 7th – at midnight the Mercury withdrawal begins. The aspects around the stars urge the individual to unite with others to stand up to big corporations and even governments . Difficulties for the individual start to become even more dramatic.

February 7th to February 15th – the sun will present a dramatic aspect to Saturn in Scorpio. This is a classic aspect of a global crisis that expresses fundamental issues of human life and existence: work, food and general survival. A sense of global crisis will permeate as many countries continue to have difficulty to survive.

As economic issues will be affected badly it is realistic to expect poverty to increase, reductions in income, decreased demand for raw materials.

Very cold winter weather will impact the supply of raw materials in some areas. The continued cold may lead to more natural disasters in February, especially in earthquake zones areas or areas with a large population and many poor people.
Poverty is more pronounced these days across the whole world.

obama barack Febuary 2014

President Obama’s Febuary 2014 chart

February 13th to February 15th – these are two critical days in which retreating Mercury returns to Aquarius and brings strikes, disagreements of minorities worldwide. Be ready for major surprises of all kinds, until the end of the withdrawal period.

In parallel, the aspect Jupiter creates with Cancer and the imperfect harmony with Uranus in Aries – this aspect typical leads to more policy reversals, political and economic, and may affect global relations between countries in unexpected ways. Within countries there will can an atmosphere of shock, mainly because it touches on emotional issues related to attitudes to the land. Minorities continue to suffer from sensitive humanitarian issues such as racism and discrimination.

February 14th – the day reflects the start of this process, but in fact it will build up, escalate and last for the entire month. All these cross-currents reflect the impact of sustainability issues on the globe, and then pass through to impacting on basic human dignity.

From February 14th to February 18th – the sun is without relationships, Mercury has dramatic aspect with Saturn, forming a collective atmosphere of chaos. The incidence of extreme weather, of no-fault road accidents etc. may all jump enormously.

February 18th, February 23rd – Pisces visits the sun and immediately creates a relationship with Neptune waiting there – not good for financial investments of any kind .

February 19th to February 23rd – Mercury retreating from the disharmonious aspect to Saturn; one of the most difficult aspects, although Mercury is in the background these dare the most difficult days. Expect plenty of work-related crises, strikes, protests, people do not agree to continue the current situation. Corporations and governments will take most of the heat, unemployment can rise, there will be a feeling of deterioration and will be hard to see any order in chaos .

This aspect will continue on until at least March 12th, too. Fundamental issues in the areas of work and the money economy overwhelm many people. It would be difficult to see any growth in markets, economic crises may be close at hand and job layoffs would give a worsening pattern of protest. This aspect will influence many countries of the world.

February 23rd to February 25th – Venus creates a positive aspect to Saturn in Scorpio; individuals and organizations are practical and there are pragmatic attempts to reconcile differences and reach common ground. Compromises under this aspect achieve at lest the minimum results.

February 25th to February 28th Mars aspect ascends in disharmony with Venus; this is the most difficult aspect in financial matters, a tendency for dissolution and separation for some economic entities. Partnerships that end, bankruptcies; political entities suffer many burdens – even possible declarations of war . Personal relationships are affected as well, and a sense of great anger and foreboding comes from all aspects of Mercury withdrawing. Without creating chaos it is unclear just who is who.

By the way any withdrawal Mercury also exists in plain sight in the astrological map of President Obama. What is clear he is going to continue to fight the Congress in the coming months or even longer as the gloves come off. It will be the political fight of his life. Hard times have prove his need to raise his profile as much as possible as the danger of political weakness is more pronounced. Next month, in March he will rake in much greater success.

Incidentally the month of March will also affect two other prominent political figures during the month, namely President Putin and Prime Minister Netanyahu. March scales along with any constellation you can think of leads to great difficulties, dangers and great upheaval again during this month.



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