Published On: Wed, Jan 15th, 2014

Megan Ellison enjoys a special evening at the Golden Globes Awards.

The undoubted highlight for Megan, daughter of high tech giant Larry Ellison, was when Amy Adams stepped up to pick up the best actress award for her performance in “American Hustle”.


(L-R) Writer/director David O. Russell, actors Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams and producer Megan Ellison / Getty

Megan Ellison has been hovering on the edge of recognition by Hollywood for her undoubted talents as a film producer, with two of her most recent productions  “Zero Dark Thirty” and “True Grit, ” both being nominated for Academy Awards the last two years.

This weekend in Los Angeles, Megan took another step forward when Amy Adams was awarded a Golden Globe for her performance in “American Hustle” last night.

Accepting the award. Ms. Adams to special care to give special thanks  to Megan Ellison for making it possible.

Following in her footsteps was  Spike Jonze, , ”  another Annapurna Pictures production who won the award for best screenplay for “ Her” which he also directed.

Megan Ellison, only 27 years old, looks to have a formidable future in the film industry and it seems only a matter of time before awards for Annapurna Pictures start rolling in.


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Through Annapurna Pictures, Megan has made a commitment, according to a statement recently published on the studio’s website, to produce  “sophisticated, high-quality films that might otherwise be deemed risky by contemporary Hollywood studios.”

While some of the movies produced by Megan’s shadiest have not always enjoyed commercial success, particularly her 2012 release “The Master, ” which, despite failing to recover is relatively low $32 million production cost at the box office, racked up a total of three Oscar nominations.

On the other hand, “True Grit” released in the same year, which was produced by Annapurna Pictures and directed and written by the Coen Brothers, Joel and Ethan Coen, which also cost $38 million pulled in more than $250 million at the box office.

The formula seems to be working for Megan with “American Hustle, ” an interesting story with a lot of twists based around a semi-factual 1970s-era sting operation partially mounted by the FBI cost only $40 million and has drawn more than $120 million at the box office, and is a hot favorite to pick out some awards at the Oscar ceremonies in March.

“Her, ” which features rising star  Joaquin Phoenix as a young man who falls in love with the sultry voice of a computer operating system, ( with the voice being that of Scarlett Johansson) is yet to reach all of the movie theaters in the United States and across the world. Despite that fact, ” Her” has already drawn close to $10 million at the box office.

Many movie industry commentators are pointing to the fact that was the backing of Larry Ellison’s immense fortune, Megan’s production company was more or less guaranteed to succeed. However, as anyone who’s ever been involved in the movie industry will tell you, it takes a lot more than money to guarantee success in Hollywood.


(L-R) Producers Jon Gordon,    Megan Ellison and co-producer Matthew Budman

(L-R) Producers Jon Gordon, Megan Ellison and co-producer Matthew Budman / Getty

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