Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

Phil Gordon Dreams of Arizona Drawing Unlimited Amounts of Potable Water From the Gulf of California

Gordon, who served as the mayor Phoenix from 2004 to 2012 is looking to form a working relationship with the Mexican government to construct massive desalination plants along the Gulf.


With climatic conditions in the United States, and indeed all over the world not showing a clear pattern anymore, public figures are concerned about the effects of global warming in particular to their ability to guarantee sufficient supplies of fresh drinking water.

Phil Gordon, who earned  himself a reputation during the eight  years that he was Mayor of Phoenix of getting things done is now finding the time to look at the problems of the state of Arizona could be facing in the coming years, and has come up with a new/ old idea on how to solve them.

According to Gordon, it will be a true win-win situation if the state of Arizona decides to construct massive new generation  desalination facilities on the shores of the Gulf of California allowing the state to draw from the virtually limitless supply of water and transport through piping the relatively short distance into Arizona from the Gulf .

If such a deal could be put together, Gordon stated in a recent interview, the ability to bring an unlimited supplies of  desalinated water would go a very long way  in securing the state of Arizona’s economic future while at the same time strengthening goodwill and business collaboration with Mexico through creating economic opportunities on both sides of the border, both in manufacturing as well as in agriculture. As is the case throughout the world, to meet the demands of both of these industries, valuable supplies of fresh drinking water are being used up.

If desalinated water became available in commercial quantities, then the pressure would be off to find sufficient supplies of “ white gold” as water is becoming increasingly known to meet the ever increasing demands.

A spokesperson for the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association hastened to point out in response to Mr. Gordon’s remarks that desalination has its share of  downsides, particularly the amount of energy required to treat and transport the water although modern desalination technology has helped to make the whole process a lot more cost-effective.

Gordon closed his remarks by stating that by Arizona making a commitment  to desalination  it would remain   in keeping with the famous pioneering spirit that have caused a bustling metropolis of Phoenix to spring up in the desert over 100 years ago.


Phil Gordon  served as the 51st mayor of Phoenix, Arizona during the years 2004 to 2012.

After  graduating  from  the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in education,  later  earning a law degree  at the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Gordon began his professional career as a school teacher, later going on to practice law and spending some time in the world of business.

Gordon’s interest in a career in public service began when he served as  chief of staff for Skip Rimsza, the Mayor of Phoenix in 1996,  Gordon was elected to become a member of Phoenix City Council in 1997 remaining until 2003, when he was elected mayor of the city, taking a creditable 72 percent of the vote. Phil Gordon was re-elected to the post in the elections of September, 2007, this time gaining 77 percent of the vote.

During his time at Phoenix City Hall, Gordon focused a lot of his talents and energies on revitalizing the downtrodden Phoenix city center, overseeing the investment a number of projects including a complete revitalization of the Phoenix Convention Center, the construction of a new $350 million Sheraton hotel in the city center as well as the construction of a new campus  for the Arizona State University campus.

During his tenure, Gordon’s largest project was the establishment of  an often  controversial $1.1 billion transportation system with construction beginning in March, 2000.


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