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2014 January Horoscope Opens With Concerns For Economic Impact On The Poor

Pnina Katz HOROSCOPEThe year 2014 begins with the withdrawal of Venus in Capricorn, which emphasizes the evidence of poverty in the world.

With shortages of basic needs, there may be increased hunger and fewer reserves to distribute among needy people .

Wealth is hoarded by financial and economic elites and everyday needs become more expensive and harder to obtain.

Countries will have to find economic solutions for such economic welfare problems in 2014.

Mars, ruler of Aries, will spend eight months in Libra, and three or four times times will threaten Stars positions, with the possibility of war and continuation of popular protests in a number of countries in the world.

This will happen during the last ten days of February, the first ten days of March, in the middle of April and throughout the month of May.

This situation will affect money markets significantly and it can create more than once a potential for global crises.

Dramatic changes are taking place in the global power balance, and the United States will not be the only one to be affected by that.

Economic difficulties are expected in 2014. But sometimes, as history has shown us, going through some tough times can be the precursor for things to finally get better on a more sustainable basis.


US chart

Outlook for January 2014

In January, among the news events in the first few days of January there will be some concerning the danger of war and of natural disasters, that can impact the beginning of a difficult year.

During the first week of January, too, people should be especially careful about betting on any stock exchange and financial investments may become unstable. And the best thing to do might be to preempt all possible rumors and reports by pulling out of all small non-strategic investments and just putting your money in the bank for a while.

By 12th –  an atmosphere of conservatism becomes prevalent and helps to find original solutions to various special problems .

15th-18th –  it is a good time for anything to do with communications, technology, new inventions, pharmaceutical plants, software applications, devices or a new intellectual property in one of the well-known high tech areas.

On 21st  – Aquarius goes into the sun and reduces the need for standing pat, for conservatism with its withdrawal in Capricorn.

By 26th – A full Uranus leads to extreme weather and general instability.

 21st – 24th – It is a good time for trade, communications, new devices or applications, and in the auto industry someone may even develop a viable alternative fuel. Medical devices, technology, vehicles, machinery and the aerospace fields all bring new information to bear on the world’s problems.

24th – 26th – Negative news about world economic crises in some countries may trigger a domino effect due to global interdependence.
This difficult aspect against Venus retrograde in Capricorn reinforces the imperative that it is essential to find different solutions to poverty, poverty and difficulties in some places in the world.
Even perhaps in Western countries too a greater proportion of their citizens are becoming poorer or may have significant employment problems.

26th- 29th – New data will surprise us, perhaps in inventions, improvisation, communication, overcoming difficulties in pushing people to find solutions to problems that have been discovered.

26th and the end of the month of January –  There will again be bad news. Global terrorist networks, violence in the streets, extremely chaotic and tense relationships between countries. These tensions will all increase and the outcomes are unknowable at this point.

And then next issue coming up will be the outlook for February, resulting in the withdrawal of Mercury and conflicts under this influence will change.



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